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9 February 2023

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 It seems that the US CRT market has been at the point of lift off for years. There are doubtless hurdles to be overcome, not least of which are the relatively rich capitalization of US banks and the apparent opposition of regulators. But in a world of standardized capital treatment, Risk Transfer still makes a lot of sense for a lot of borrowers across North America. What will make them come to this market in greater numbers?

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  • 9 February 2023
    What have been key takeaways of the last year? There have been more issuers, more assets (such as capital call facilities) yet the US market remains less developed than had been hoped.
    Was 2022 the year in which the reinsurance market came of age? But are more counterparties required to cope with the resultant increase in volume?
    Are over-zealous regulators killing US CRT market? Are some regional regulators more hostile to synthetic securitisation than others?
    Is CRT issuance sustainable at spread levels? The MILN market suffered setbacks in 2022 but issuance seems to be on the horizon again. Are new investors required or likely to enter the market?
    Given an ideal world, what would be the top three things you’d want from the market in 2023 and why? Are ESG considerations likely to remain relevant given the recessionary outlook?